Today marked the first day of riding with the new wheels and chain so I was eager to get out and ride today. The temp was right at 50F when I left the house at 5:15 AM but, thankfully, there was no wind. It’s the small victories.

If you missed it, I had a new wheelset and chain put on yesterday. The chain was due to normal wear and tear but the wheelset was due to me just being too heavy for my old set. My weight mixed with a low spoke count and straight pull spokes just wasn’t working well. I had broken three spokes over the last couple of months and was routinely experiencing high noise from my rear wheel.

Happy with the Wheels and Chain

Anyway, I headed out this morning eager to see how the new wheels performed. They’re great so far. They are heavier than my old set which makes for a little higher rolling weight but they didn’t seem to affect my performance as I was still able to turn out a 15 mph avg pace ride over 11 miles with no issues. I would expect every wheelset to work OK for me on the first ride so we’ll see how they hold up as my training for the Tour de Cure starts to ramp up.

The new chain was great too and really smoothed out the shifting.

I can’t describe to you how nice it was to ride in relative quiet this morning with no noise from the rear wheel. Just awesome.

500 Miles Down

Today also marked a milestone in my riding goal for the year. If you remember, my goal is to ride 2000 miles this year. This mornings ride of 11 miles puts me at 503 for the year which is just over 25% towards my yearly goal. I started riding early enough this year that being at this mileage, this early, gives me a weird feeling. It’s not even the first day of spring yet and I feel like I’ve been riding for a year. I have to remind myself that it’s only going to get warmer and better.

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PhotoC: luxomedia