I’ve started a list of reasons to start cycling. I want to hear yours in the comments.

  1. You can lose weight.
  2. You can improve your fitness.
  3. You get to wear skin tight clothes.
  4. You get to drink lots of water.
  5. You can meet cool people (which, in turn, makes you cool).
  6. You can satisfy your urge to compete.
  7. You get to rub silky smooth concoctions in your nether regions.
  8. You can raise money for a charity.
  9. You get to buy cool toys.
  10. You can buy bicycles that cost more than your car (if you want to).
  11. You can play with CO2.
  12. You can improve your maintenance skills.
  13. You can quit driving a car.
  14. You can save money.
  15. You can ride 100 miles in one day.
  16. It’s an excuse to buy things made of carbon fiber.
  17. It’ll help improve your cooking skills.
  18. It’s great for your self-esteem.
  19. You can ride in the rain.
  20. It gets you outside.
  21. It’s great to do with the family.
  22. You can go downhill really fast.
  23. Breaks at the local coffee shop are awesome.
  24. Riding a paceline is exhilarating.
  25. You get to wear padded shorts and they aren’t Depends.
  26. You can get an awesome tan (on half your legs and arms so you might look like a freak).
  27. You get to ride up mountains.
  28. You get to eat energy bars.
  29. If you’re a dude, you have a reason to shave your legs (maybe).
  30. You get to drink electrolytes.
  31. You can ride the Tour de France route.
  32. You can actually buy a product called DZ Nuts (for him or her) and not feel creepy (maybe not).
  33. It’s environmentally friendly.
  34. You can avoid traffic jams.
  35. It can build confidence.
  36. It’ll help you make friends.
  37. You’ll build mental toughness.
  38. You’ll have more stamina for all kinds of things (I’m not going there).
  39. You can brag about how many miles you road over the weekend.
  40. You’ll sleep better.
  41. It’s a stress outlet.
  42. You can lower your blood pressure.
  43. You get to eat tons of bananas (the most awesomess of fruits).
  44. You get the best parking spot.
  45. You get to learn a new language called Weiland.
  46. You can develop a hard a$$.
  47. You can have GPS on your bicycle (how cool is that?).
  48. You get to play with oils and lube (don’t you go there).
  49. You get to listen to Phil Liggett call races (best ever).
  50. It’s fun.

I know there’s more. Let’s hear’em.

Image courtesy of takomabibelot