I’ve ridden several times this week but haven’t since, I believe, Thursday and that wasn’t a great ride. It was kind of a downer week at work and just haven’t felt great all week. It rained all day yesterday so if I was going to get a ride in this weekend it had to be today.

I arrived down at White Rock Lake at about 8:30 and it was beautiful. What clouds there were were starting to dissipate and it was a nice 55F. Just cool enough for a long sleeve jersey. That was good because my long sleeve jersey is the only one I have that fits well.

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I headed out and within about a half-mile I started to see some orange cones on the trail and lots of people. Looks like there was another race today. Turns out it was the 13th Annual North Trail Half Marathon. It looks like they didn’t mind the cyclists riding on the trail so I kept going. A little while later it got kind of crowded and I almost turned around to head back to the car. Instead I moved over to a service road to get around the crowd and that solved the problem. There were other areas that it got crowded as well so I patiently waited until I had an opportunity to pass.

Now it’s time for a rant. There were several cyclists who were not near as patient as me and used the runners as their personal obstacle course. There was one cyclist in particular who pulled a very, very dangerous move one a narrow downhill section. I knew he was behind me but I guess he got tired of waiting and decided to pass. In this particular section, there were runners and walkers on both sides of the trail. The jerk in question decided to make a high-speed pass around me, go between two pairs of runners and came very close to taking out an elderly gentleman and his wife who were out for a nice morning walk going in the opposite direction. I saw the faces of the elderly couple as he went by and he really scared them. I was so ticked off.

Unfortunately, events like that take place quite a bit out at White Rock Lake. It’s a multi-use trail that’s utilized by runners, walkers, cyclists, and roller bladers. The cyclists are always the fastest people on the trail so you end up passing a lot of people. Very few cyclists though have the common courtesy to let you know they’re passing you. They’ll simply blow by you, sometimes coming very close, and don’t say a word. It’s so easy to say “on your left” to let the person know that you’re passing. No wonder cyclists get a bad reputation sometimes.