This morning I was able to climb back onto the bike after a lay off of about three weeks or so. Why the lay off? Several reasons actually. First, I’ve been sick on and off again. I got really sick about three weeks ago but a couple of times since then I’ve had some relapses where I’ve experienced significant sinus issues, migraine headaches, and generally feeling like dog poop. Yes, dog poop. It wasn’t until about five days or so ago that I’ve actually started to feel good. Second, my morning routine of riding was thrown into a death spiral when my wife was asked to take a long-term substitute teaching job at one of the local high schools. Her being asked to do that was an answer to prayer but it meant I had to take one of our daughters to school three days a week. I could have still ridden but it would have meant getting up at 5 AM to do so. There’s a couple of other reasons but I’m not going to bother you with them.

The kids were out of school today due to Thanksgiving so I decided I would ride this morning. I’m glad I did. The weather was superb and there wasn’t much traffic due to the impending holiday. The low last night was only 55 F with it climbing to 80 F today. Florida in the winter is so awesome. I was worried that I might face some issues after being off the bike but I didn’t have any. I immediately settled into a good pace and rode to/from the University of North Florida with two loops around the campus for ten miles at a 14.1 mph pace.

Like I said, the weather was awesome. The digital sign entering campus said the temp was 60F and I believe it. Just low enough to have a slight chill in the air, no wind, and not a cloud in the sky. Venus was ablaze low in the eastern sky and Saturn was just a little further towards the zenith. Since daylight savings time has ended it starts to get light around 6:30 so it makes for a great time to be riding.

I probably overdressed a little as I had on a long sleeve jersey, long sleeve base layer, and full finger gloves. It wasn’t too bad though. I do need some new gloves. The Pearl Izumis I have were bought over 15 years ago and have a hole on the inside of one of the fingers. They also don’t have padding which isn’t cool either. I guess I need to put that on my Christmas wish list.

Speaking of Christmas wish lists, I’m working on mine. My wife has been after me for weeks to give something to her but I’ve procrastinated. I’m a man, what do you expect? Anyway, I plan on posting my annual Christmas Wish List for Cyclists very soon but wanted to ask you a question first. One thing I know I want is a good floor pump as the one I have is cheap. I want one that is more durable, takes less pumps to inflate my tires, and is, in general, awesome. If they make one that inflates my tires by itself that would be cool too. Anyway, what kind of floor pump do you guys and gals use and would recommend so I could provide my wife with the particulars?